Men’s waistcoat blue in Jersey, once-off piece, tartan

140,00 99,00Sale!

Neck warmer in boiled wool, very warm, speckled pattern

45,00 39,00Sale!

Wool vest

215,00 149,00Sale!

Woolen vest

230,00 99,00Sale!

Woolen men’s vest

215,00 149,00Sale!

Earbags for men, woman and child

25,00 19,00Sale!

Hair bands, bicolor, or trendy turban

33,00 29,00Sale!

Headband with bow snakeskin pattern

25,00 15,00Sale!

Men’s vest in wool and Denim

200,00 160,00Sale!

Woolen vest and corduroy

220,00 170,00Sale!

Vest in cashmere

380,00 299,00Sale!

Men’s vest in wool, patchwork

240,00 199,00Sale!

Tie in wool / cotton

70,00 55,00Sale!

Bow tie to be tied with Pocket Square

78,00 69,00Sale!

Bow tie to be tied

65,00 59,00Sale!

Womens Pants

160,00 99,00Sale!

Women jacket Chanel inspired in soft boiled wool

190,00 95,00Sale!

Quilted woman vest in casentino cloth

160,00 99,00Sale!

Sleeveless jacket in casentino cloth

160,00 80,00Sale!

Denim vest for woman with gobelin

190,00 89,00Sale!

Bolero in boiled wool black colour

120,00 49,00Sale!

White dress and stole in silk and cotton

320,00 119,00Sale!

Jacket in Casentino cloth, black finish

440,00 290,00Sale!

Wool trench coat in casentino cloth

490,00 245,00Sale!

Jacket in wool and velvet

490,00 239,00Sale!

Knitted woman wool Jacket

290,00 199,00Sale!

Handbag in Casentino cloth

65,00 29,00Sale!

Tied bow tie in silk embroidered

45,00 39,00Sale!

Tied bow tie in silk

45,00 39,00Sale!

Ladies short knit coat

360,00 249,00Sale!

Tied bow tie in Chenille

40,00 29,00Sale!

Scarves with hood double face

89,00 69,00Sale!

Tied bow tie in Chenille

40,00 29,00Sale!

Poncho in Casentino cloth

90,00 45,00Sale!

Cape in Casentino cloth

360,00 180,00Sale!

Short cape in Casentino cloth

250,00 199,00Sale!

Woolen skirt in Orbace

120,00 99,00Sale!

Short wool jacket in Jersey

90,00 55,00Sale!

Wool shirt black colour in Jersey

50,00 29,00Sale!

Shirt in jersey and black lace

69,00 49,00Sale!

Miniskirt in Casentino cloth

120,00 99,00Sale!

Wool Jacket in tweed and boiled wool , brown colour

350,00 250,00Sale!

Woolen Jacket tweed and boiled wool

350,00 250,00Sale!

Peacoat in red boiled wool

260,00 169,00Sale!

Black blazers for women, black herringbone

350,00 250,00Sale!

Ladies jackets in boiled wool

190,00 99,00Sale!

Jacket boiled wool orange colour

190,00 99,00Sale!

Red cardigan in wool, flamed red and charcoal

190,00 69,00Sale!

Womens jackets in soft boiled wool

190,00 75,00Sale!

Womens business jacket becomes a business suits

390,00 195,00Sale!

Wool and gabardine jacketladies trouser suits

390,00 195,00Sale!

Boiled wool jacket in charcoal

190,00 99,00Sale!

Short cape in Casentino cloth

260,00 199,00Sale!

Woolen cape hooded in casentino cloth, orange and red colour

380,00 190,00Sale!

Soft hat in wool and felt

45,00 35,00Sale!

Basque beret hat in velvet

55,00 40,00Sale!

Cloche in Casentino cloth

45,00 29,00Sale!

Dome hat in velor

40,00 25,00Sale!

Woolen Cloche hat

45,00 30,00Sale!

Tied bow tie in Chenille

40,00 29,00Sale!

Classic woolen jacket

600,00 299,00Sale!

Vest in Cotton and Wool with Canvas Massawa

230,00 99,00Sale!

Waistcoat Silk and Cotton with Canvas Massawa

200,00 99,00Sale!


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